ATTENTION LOS ANGELES! Swiss Fashion Designer Stephanie Burkhalter conquers Hollywood with her new collection, Californication! The streets of Los Angeles are getting a colorful make-over with her new line of flashy, playful garments and vibrant accessories. She has created an army of angels to help spread the colorful energy and share the love. This army are marching through the streets launching flowers into the hearts of people from their bows, bringing forth smiles that bloom from their faces. These colorful, vibrant beings have traveled across the world to bring light and celebration to California's coast and give a new meaning to the city of Los Angeles. 


Stephanie Burkhalter has always drawn inspiration from the places she would travel and used that inspiration to create. Her passion grew and she entered into the Fashion Institute of Marangoni in Milan, Italy, to expand her talents and develop new skills in fashion design. After graduating, she created her brand and her following grew with every place that she touched. in 2015, Stephanie found herself being drawn to the California coastlines and decided to pursue new love and inspiration by moving out to Malibu. She set up her studio and began exploring her new home, discovering the colorful heart of California's coast which gave birth to a new vision in her heart- flowers. She has taken California sunshine to the next level with the newest line of flower packed vibrant garments that cannot be missed. Recently the new collection was released to the runway in what was Los Angeles's first look at the next big trend. Stephanie Burkhalter is now on a mission to spread the love with her innovative Swiss designs and captivating glamour. She has created her Army of Angels, and plans to expand the movement from coast to coast, sharing a message of love and positive vibes.


Her new line of flowery dresses and flamboyant accessories are sure to make a big splash in this upcoming season. Whether it be a casual stroll on the boulevard or a glamorous night on the town, she will make any woman and teen look and feel like a superstar that will always be noticed. When you wear her designs, you are not only looking fabulous, but you are also joining an army of bold and beautiful angels that are making the city blossom!

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