Color the streets in Van Burk

Since I have been in Los Angeles, I faced many things that made me realize that I am the only one that have the power to see my day in a positive or negative way . I am the only one that can shift my perspective of life. What always kept me happy, is to create colorful and happy garments. Colors has a big impact on my mood. My biggest dream is to see everybody in the world rocking one of my colorful, bright and happy jackets in every streets. I love to spread love through them also by writing words that bring people together such as love, hope…

I invite you to join me to color the streets and spread love with my one of a kind, handmade vegan leather jackets.

Check them out here

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Your swiss girl in LA,

Steph van Burk

photos by the amazing Gershon Kreimer @gershonkreimer

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