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I've always been a free spirit... I went to the mountain, close by Malibu, to reflect and get some time off the city. I left the sun kissing me and meditated on life. I have always been a traveller since a very young age, as I was a professional model. I am now in Los Angeles since 5 years and I've been missing my life of constant travels. Being in a place too long is not made for a free spirit like me. I need space, discovery, excitement. I need to constantly broaden my vision. Now as I am a fashion designer, traveling is crucial for me as I get inspiration from my surroundings. Different countries, landscapes, cultures, colors, food have always been my major influence in design. So I decided to find a way to travel again making money at the same time. If you have suggestions, let me know in the comments section. I'll be very happy to get some.

So for this retreat I decided to wear this super chill white shirt from Karen Millen (loving this embroidery tbh) combined with a simple Mossimo Jeans short 80ies style and my comfi Guess white tennis shoes. This outfit is probably one of my favorite as it is easy, cute and comfortable at the same time.

As usual I wore my one and only "Lady Danger" red lipstick by Mac Cosmetics. I love the nuance of this red because it is not red but red/orange.

I did have an amazing time spending the day there. I felt very relaxed when I got back home.

I recommend anyone that feel stressed up or after a week of work to go on a hike and feel the nature. Nature heals...

Let me know which was the country that you visited that impacted you the most and dont forget to give me your review on this outfit.

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Your Swiss girl in LA,

Steph van Burk

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