Malibu memories

I got back to the canyon in Malibu and got a bit nostalgic. Lots of memories came up as I had good and bad moments with the one I moved in California for. But in front of all this wild beauty, I learned that life goes on and so do I. The nature is regenerating from the wildfire last year, as I've regenerate from my pain too.

After going through a severe depression, I have a new perspective on life now.

I got through some crazy stuffs to be honest, but it actually helped me to open my eyes on life itself. It gave me a wider perspective on it and taught me a lot about myself and others.

I learned on how to truly take care of myself, by keeping distance with toxic people, and start to say "NO". I had to finally set boundaries in my life.

Art helped me a lot going through this phase. So I wanted to share what helped me going through depression and created a non-profit for all those who goes through tough times. A non-profit where people could meet and express themselves through Art and Fashion. I named it "Free Your Fear" . But I'll talk about it more widely in a different post.

I made a T-shirt for it. A 20% of each sale would go to the non-profit in order to create artistic meet ups. In white or in black they are always super cool and you can match it with any pieces of your closet.

For this memorable trip, I decided to pair a stripped gold and black Moschino pant I bought few years ago in my country, Switzerland (shop their new collection here) with the white version of the Van Burk T-shirt .

I took with me my red leather jacket from Gucci in case of wind (shop their new collection here), which match at the perfection my lipstick signature look "Lady Danger" by Mac Cosmetics

And of course I wore my super comfi white Guess tennis shoes. You can shop your fav pair in here .

I was grateful I could come back in the mountains where I shared so many memories and felt all what I went through. I think that if I wouldn't have gone through all that, I wouldn't be the one that I am today. And I am eager to share this story with you, as I think that opening up helps healing and understanding.

If you have some similar stories, do not hesitate to share it below in the comments. I'll be answering <3

Let me know how you liked the outfit I combined too :)

And if you wanna be part of a Free your Fear meet up, just let me know below also as I am organizing something soon.

With love, Follow your girl on IG @stephvanburk

Your Swiss girl in LA,

Steph van Burk

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